Potluck and Mini-Lecture to Support Refugees with ChariTEA

Potluck and Mini-Lecture to Support Refugees with ChariTEA

Every 3rd Saturday night (except August)

from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Schedule for 2019:
19 January      16 Feburary 16 March         20 April
18 May           15 June          20 July           [no meeting in August]
21 September 19 October     16 November  21 December
When Tottori City International Plaza (1-512 Koyama-cho)
What to Bring One dish that can be shared with everyone
Anything goes--even cut fruit or something from the supermarket
It can be enough for one or enough for ten
Fees None (\100 donation includes tea or coffee)
For Information Peaceird Refugee Support Group
TEL 070-6690-3927 (Yuka Kawakami)

This Year's Lecture Schedule (Content subject to change)

  • January: The definition of "refugee"
  • February: The refugee situation in Japan
  • March: Overview of Peacebird Activities; Member Activity Information
  • April: Jamaica Charity Concert (led by Jeremy)
  • May: All About Ramadan and Islam (led by Muhammad)
  • June: World Refugee Day
  • July: Refugee Quiz
  • August [no session]
  • September: Halal and Haram (Quiz)
  • October: Promoting Acceptance of Refugees in Japan
  • November: Supporting Refugees in Palestine; Member Activity Information
  • December: If You Were a Refugee (Workshop)


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