Volunteer Interpreters

Help! I can't communicate! Call a volunteer interpreter!

Specialized volunteer interpreters are dispatched to public institutions (schools, municipal administrative offices, pre- and nursery schools, etc.) and to hospitals and clinics.

Medical and Community Volunteer Interpreters

※Inquire at your local TPIEF office for requests placed immediately prior to this date.


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Feedback Report (client use)

Feedback Report


Feedback Report (interpreter use)

Feedback Report


Languages Available

English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Mongolian, Korean
Please confirm in advance; interpreters may not always be availabe for every language. 

Updated June 2021.

Medical Interpreting

(as in the following cases)


■Medical examinations
■Maternity examinations
■Health checkups
■Dental treatment
■Explanations of testing and hospitalization
Interpreters agree to act in good faith. Please note the following restrictions.
・We cannot take emergency appointments.
・Interpreters cannot be present during surgery or delivery of infants.
・Interpreting cannot be done in extreme or life-threatening situations or used for conveyance of any matters of a grave nature.

Community Interpreting

(as in the following cases)


■Meetings and interviews for nursery school; kindergarten; primary, middle, and high schools; or Board of Education
■Procedures at public and municipal offices
■Driving license centre (obtaining or renewing a license)
■Any similar consultations at institutions of a public nature
Interpreters agree to act in good faith. Please note the following restrictions.
・Interpreters cannot provide any academic support or assistance with studying in or out of class (including Japanese language direction)
・Interpreters cannot visit any homes or residences.
・In principle, dispatch is not provided to any institutions or facilities not of a public or educational nature. 

●Cautionary Notes
(1)Please read our terms of use carefully. 
(2)Our service does not cover interpreting at private residences.
(3)Please make your request at least three days in advance. We may not be able to secure an interpreter if requests are placed too close to the desired date. 
(4)Please submit a feedback report within three days following dispatch.
●Who are the volunteers?
TPIEF dispatches registered volunteers who have undergone our interpreter training course. Your privacy is assured. 
●What is the interpreting format? 
Interpreters provide phrase-by-phrase translation. Interpreters are required to maintain a position of neutrality and cannot provide judgment or advice. Please speak clearly and in as simple language as possible to ensure accuracy. Informing us in advance of your situation and symptoms when submitting your request will help the interpreter better prepare for dispatch. 
●Service charges
This service is provided free of charge. TPIEF bears costs for interpreter dispatch and transport.